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We organize guided tours in the city of Thessaloniki and in adjacent destinations
(museums, archaeological sites, historical places-neighborhoods of the city).

white tower

Get to know Thessaloniki better

The historical center of Thessaloniki has numerous neighborhoods with narrow picturesque streets, arcades and flea markets (Stoa Modiano Kapani, Bit Pazar, Ladadika, Ano Poli, and many others) built several centuries ago. Enjoy a walk across the seafront, an ideal place which offers a view of the city’s landmark, the White Tower.

Learn Halkidiki's history

A place of rich historical interest. There are ruins of ancient cities throughout the area, the most significant are those of the ancient cities of Potidaea, Acanthus, Olynthus. Recently a tomb of great interest was discovered in Stagira, archaelogists believe that it belongw to the ancient philosopher Aristotle. Also, Mount Athos, an autonomous monastic community consists of 20 monasteries.


Explore new Beaches

The beaches of Halkidiki and of the remaining Greece as well attract a lot of visitors as they combine the crear blue sea with clean sandy beaches. Every year most of the beaches are awarded with the Blue Flag.All beaches are suitable for relaxing, swimming and water sports.

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