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The waterfalls of Edessa

Waterfalls are considered as one of the most impressive natural phenomenon around the world. Enjoy a visit to Greece’s picturesque waterfall in Edessa town which happens to be the capital of Pella. The river forming this renowned Greek waterfall is Edessaios.


The city is filled with little bridges and the sound of running water will accompany your strolls around the town. The main volume of water was collected in a small basin in the west side of the city, up to the end of the 14th century, but due to a geological phenomenon the water changed course and crossed the city forming this spectacular waterfall; meanwhile numerous smaller sized rivers were created and the lake, where the water was once accumulated, eventually dried out. Many 17th and 18th century travelers described the city as built on a rock from which many waterfalls fell.


The area where you can take your snapshots of the waterfall today was for decades unreachable. The mesmerising view of the falls wasn’t accessible because of the steep slopes and the dense vegetation. 


The region started to take a touristic twist in 1942, during German occupation, when the locals built ponds and flowerbeds embellishing the city. The town was completely restored by the Municipality in the 60s.


Pozar Thermal Baths

magine yourself in a pool amidst steep rocks, natural waterfalls and wild vegetation. Feel the soothing warmth of the water (37oC) taking the strain off your body, and let your eyes wander around the verdant gorge where Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicholas) stream flows, (aka Thermopotamos meaning ‘hot river’ in Greek). 


Heighten your senses in this pristine nature where green is King and even the branches of the trees (mainly planes and willows) are all covered in luxuriant ivy. Relish the stimulating sensation of the 37oC crystal clear waters in the outdoor pool that is surrounded by the wild! In the historic district of Pella, the capital of the Ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedonia, the beauty of Greek nature will add to your desire for wellness.

Home to your memorable holiday will be Loutraki Aridaias, also known as Pozar Springs, an area located at 110 km distance from Thessaloniki and only 40 km from Edessa town, the capital of Pella and one of the most beautiful cities of Greece thanks to the rivers that run through it and rush over the cliffs to form two waterfalls, with the highest and more spectacular one dropping 70m.


At the foot of Mount Kaimaktsalan, the Pozar Thermal Springs’ facilities comprise 48 individual baths, 6 indoor pools, the outdoor pool (12x25m) hamams, jacuzzi and spa. Recommended for rheumatism, skin conditions, respiratory and circulatory problems, the Pozar hot springs are beneficial for your health and well-being, either by bathing in them, or drinking their water.

The "Swan Lake" in Edessa

An artificial lake in Edessa, created in 1950, has evolved into a very important wetland, where more than 200 different species of birds have found a nest, including the swan, which is why it is now called “Swan Lake”.


It is a beautiful wetland, with many different images, between two imposing mountain ranges – the famous Vorra (Kaimaktsalan) in the north and Vermio in the south – and three small picturesque villages, rich in tradition and history.

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